Consultancy and Evaluation

As a higher education consultant, I work with institutions, organisations and individuals on aspects of teaching and learning in higher education where I have some expertise. In recent years I have been an evaluator, reviewer, presenter and advisor to organizations, universities and projects in Australia and internationally.

Areas of expertise include

  • Evaluation and review of organisational units
  • Evaluation of projects and programs
  • Learning and study strategies
  • Educational/academic development and leadership
  • Evaluation of teaching quality
  • Teaching and learning indicators
  • Registered by TEQSA for expertise for
    • Teacher education:
    • Higher education for academic quality assurance;
    • Learning and teaching in higher education;
    • Learning technologies; curriculum development and design;
    • Academic assessment and moderation methodologies
  • Completed UWA and nationally accredited Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) course (2012). Nationally Accredited Mediator (2012-14)

Examples of consultancies, review, audit

  • Consultant reviewer for the College of Science, Engineering and Health. RMIT University, (August 2016).
  • External member of review panel for the Graduate Certificate for University Learning and Teaching (GCULT, University of New South Wales, (July, 2016)
  • Member review team “Assessment of TAMCC”. Grenada Caribbean. Review carried out by McMaster University for the PETNA Foundation.  (October 2015)
  • External reviewer, James Cook University, Townsville, Review of Graduate Certificate of Tertiary Teaching (March 2013).
  • TEQSA Register of Experts (2012- ) registered for Teacher Education: Higher Education for Academic Quality Assurance; Learning and teaching in Higher Education; Learning Technologies; Curriculum Development and design; Academic assessment and Moderation Methodologies
  • Consultancy to Catholic University, Temuco, Chile. on teaching and learning quality indicators. (June, 2013; August 2013-March 2014, 2015; July, 2016.)
  • Consultancy to Faculty of Business and Economics, University Chile, Santiago, Chile, on teaching and learning quality indicators. (June 2014)
  • Consultancy to University Technica Santa Maria, Valparaiso, Chile. and MESCUP, Chile, on teaching and learning quality indicators. (September, 2012; June, 2013, July 2016)
  • Consultancy to Taylors College (StudyGroup), to lead the curriculum development of their Diploma of Commerce (2011) and Diploma of Science (Engineering).  (2013)
  • Consultancy to Umeå University and Stockholm University, Sweden. Academic Development Seminar. Benchmarking performance of academic development units. (June, 2011)
  • External member. Selection committee, Teaching excellence award selection committee. City University, Hong Kong, April, 2004, 2005.
  • Review, Chair, Global Learning Division Strategic Review, University of Southern Queensland, March 2010
  • Review, Chair, Review of Uppsala University Teaching and Learning Quality. International Panel, (Sweden) November, 2011. (Interim review) and September 2012, (Final review)
  • Review, External Member, Faculty Review of Learning and Teaching, University of New South Wales, 2010
  • Review, Chair, Review of Student Learning Support Services, Flinders University, August, 2005.
  • Review, Chair, Review Committee for the 2nd Round Teaching and Learning Quality Process Review (TLQPR) Hong Kong Institute of Education, Hong Kong, June, 2001.
  • Consultancy to review and provide a report for a professional development program at Zayed University, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, 14-18 October, 2000, with Prof Graham Web.
  • Review, Chair, Review Committee of the Teaching and Learning Centre (TLC), Murdoch University, (September 2000.)
  • Reviewer, Research Application for Caribbean Research: a multi-disciplinary approach. Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (2016)

Evaluation and Other National Roles

  • Evaluator for ALTC project “Building course team capacity to identify, model and assess graduate employability skills” Lead institution: Curtin University (2009-10).
  • Evaluator, National Senior Fellowship for Prof Beverley Oliver, “Benchmarking partnerships for graduate employability” (2010).
  • Assessor for Awards Fellowships and Grants, Carrick Institute/ AUTC /OLT, Assessor for Promotion Applications to Professor (Australia, UK, Canada, NZ, USA), and Research Masters and PhD Theses, Reviewer for journals, books, grant proposals
  • Chair Program Committee, ISSOTL conference 2015, Melbourne.

Member of the Reference Group for:

  • OLT Innovation grant for Dr Mary Heath (Flinders University (2015) “Smart Casual 2: promoting excellence in sessional teaching in law”.
  • National Senior Teaching Fellowship for Associate Professor Marina Harvey  (Macquarie University) “BLASST: Benchmarking leadership and advancement of standards for sessional teaching ” (2014)
  • National Senior Teaching Fellowship for Prof Geoff Scott (University of Western Sydney). “Assuring the quality of achievement standards and their valid assessment in Australian Higher Education” (2014)
  • OLT project (Flinders University) “Better Judgement -2: Improving assessors’ management of factors affecting their judgement” (2014).
  • OLT National Senior Teaching Fellow, Associate Professor Dr Nicolette Lee (Swinbourne University) “Capstone curriculum across disciplines” (2013)
  • National Fellowship for Professor Wageeh Boles (QUT) “Navigating a pathway between the academic standards and a framework for authentic, collaborative, outcomes-focused thinking in Engineering Education” (2012)
  • OLT project “Coordinators Leading Advancement of Sessional Staff (CLASS)”. Lead institution:  Wollongong University (2010)
  • ALTC project “Engineering Thresholds: An approach to curriculum renewal”. Lead institution:  University of Western Australia (2010-11)
  • ALTC Project “Web 2.0 Authoring Tools in Higher Education Learning and Teaching: New Directions for Assessment and Academic Integrity” (2009-10).

Critical friend and contributor

  • Critical Friend, HEA Strategic Commissioned Project 2015:  ‘Measuring impact of teaching preparation programmes’. Plymouth University (lead).
  • Critical Friend, HEA Strategic Commissioned Project 2015:  ‘Measuring impact of teaching preparation programmes’. Plymouth University (lead).
  • Contributor HEA Strategic Commissioned Project 2015. ‘Defining and supporting the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning: a sector-wide study’